The Carrom or Indian Billiards

Richard LABLEE The Carrom or Indian Billiards is enjoying great success in France today. The history of this game remains obscure but everything suggests that the Carrom is from India or Nepal, where it is practiced a lot. This funny billiard table is played not with balls but with "pawns" (or "ladies") that we slide on the table. The players are seated around a square table. The object of the game is to send the pawns into pockets using a striker by giving a "flick" on the latter to make him strike one or more pawns, possibly using bands on all four sides. After a short chapter devoted to history, Richard Lablée offers a detailed description of the equipment and the practice of this game with in particular the official rules of the International Carrom Federation. The author then gives a method of play with multiple schemes allowing novice players to practice some basic strategies. At the end of the book, a glossary and a list of useful addresses cleverly complete this initiation manual.
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Editions BORNEMANN 79 pages
  • Numéro numéro 39