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University of Bridge notebook (CUB06) - The first plans for a cutting game

  • Marc Kerlero

The University of Bridge, in partnership with Le Bridgeur, has decided to create a collection of educational books for anyone wishing to progress quickly from the fourth major series to the first minor series as part of the SEF 2018. Entrusted to Marc Kerlero , Seasoned journalist, former European junior champion, several times French champion but also author of fifteen BEST SELLER books, THE FIRST CUTTING GAME PLANS is volume 6 of this series.

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What could be more enjoyable than playing trumps? Cut the opponent's master cards, increase the number of tricks only with small cards, easily pass from one hand to another, all these maneuvers that allow the trump part of the pleasure of playing the card. But the good use of assets conceals many dangers and requires a mastered technique to reach its maximum efficiency.

In this new notebook from the University of Bridge, Marc Kerlero helps you overcome the main difficulties that await you on the road to satisfaction. Throughout the book, you will learn to control your communications, avoid overcutting, and perform more sophisticated technical gestures such as the Guillemard maneuver or the lob. Above all, you will train yourself to think about each deal, in a word to think in terms of game plan, the essential course to cross for any player a little ambitious.

The last two chapters of the book, devoted to the game of defense, will show you once again that the logic in defense is close cousin of that in front of the dead. This time, you will learn how to organize your side cuts and try to prevent the declarant from making his own.

As usual in the collection, eight deals "to play" are proposed to you at the end of each chapter, which you can reconstitute at home thanks to the arrowed games which accompany the work.

The book is made up of six parts:
Chapter 1: The cup is open.
Chapter 2: Communications.
Chapter 3: How to avoid overcharging.
Chapter 4: Special maneuvers.
Chapter 5: Perform sidewall cuts.
Chapter 6: Oppose the declarant's cuts.
Thus, the entire spectrum of the first cutting game plans is covered, for the sake of methodology and consistency.

To make learning more fun, you have the opportunity to acquire the famous arrow cards, 2 CUB # 06 games allowing you to play 48 application deals.
25 € for the single book, 10 € for the 2 arrow games.

Éditions Le Bridgeur, in partnership with the FFB.
208 pages.

  • Auteur Marc Kerlero
  • Thème Jeu de la carte
  • Niveau de jeu 1 - Compétition, 2 - Confirmé, 3 - Perfectionnement
  • Language French
  • Éditeur Le Bridgeur