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Mémobridge New edition 2019

  • Jacques Bernard

All the basics of bridge in ten pages, this is the ambition of MEMOBRIDGE, an accordion brochure created by Jacques Bernard in 2005 and brought up to date for this new edition.

In addition to the nicely modernized model, it is above all the content that has been most modified, and in particular the auctions, fully brought into line with the SEF 2018.

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You will therefore find, in compact boxes, the essential themes: all the openings, as well as the responses to said openings (including after intervention), interventions on the opening, alarm clocks in fourth position, requests from the opener, the respondent's second auctions, various auctions (intervention on 1SA, Michaels' cue-bids, quantitative 4SA, etc.)… The Blackwood 5 keys, the fourth color forcing, the trial auctions and the control auctions. But the auctions are only part of this brochure which also includes a rudimentary method for playing in front of the dead (the ILICO game plan) and for defending (rules and start strategy, call-refusal, general flank rules , signage). Finally, two pages are dedicated to the brand and to lifting. You see, it is a tour de force that the author has accomplished to allow a beginner to have on hand everything he needs to throw himself into the deep end.

MEMOBRIDGE, by Jacques Bernard.

Le Bridgeur editions

  • Brand Le Bridgeur
  • Auteur Jacques Bernard
  • Thème Enchères à 2, Enchères à 4, Jeu de la carte, Jeu de la défense
  • Niveau de jeu 3 - Perfectionnement, 4 - Débutant
  • Language French
  • Éditeur Le Bridgeur
  • Date de parution Janvier 2021