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  • Alain Lévy

"What could be more random than the start?" do we usually hear.

Should we still rely on Dame Fortune to start well? "Certainly not!" Exclaims Alain Lévy, one of our greatest champions, before revealing to you his secrets, the perfect alliance of theory and practice, in this sector of the game where ordinary people has the most progress to make.

If the choice of the start is first guided by the view of our own cards, the author draws up a detailed table of priorities according to the opposing contract and puts at your disposal a real start software.

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however it is not only a question of applying ready-made recipes but also of constantly mobilizing our intelligence to solve the problems that the game poses for us.

Thanks to numerous examples, by examining in turn the starts against the heats, the partials, the slams and the contracts countered, Alain Lévy convinces us that the start is indeed the first gesture of the defensive plan which must lead to the fall of the adverse contract.

A fascinating book: an essential reference and an inexhaustible source of progress. You will never start the same way again when you have read it ... and reread it!

The introduction, essential technical preamble, is devoted to the choice of the starting card and to the basic signaling.

The first chapter "The fundamental beginnings" provides a table of priorities to read and reread to soak up "viscerally".
Chapter 2 "Begins to listen to auctions" analyzes the sequence and synthesis of the information received in order to choose beyond the simple view of your cards.
Chapter 3 deals with "The technical starts" in various situations: the start in the color of the partner, when to start an honor to No-Trump, the start of the Ace without the King in color.
The next two chapters examine the initiation strategies applied to particular contracts: partial and slams.
Chapter 6 tackles "The start against the dams".
The penultimate chapter is dedicated to "The start after a counter": watch out for the pitfalls!
Finally chapter 8 ends this copious work with "The extraordinary beginnings" which prominently features Zia Mahmood, the illusionist magician.

Editions Le Bridgeur 2019

320 pages

Author: Alain Lévy

  • Auteur Alain Lévy
  • Thème Jeu de la défense
  • Niveau de jeu 1 - Compétition, 2 - Confirmé
  • Language French
  • Éditeur Le Bridgeur