For years, we have been in contact with bridge players to make radiate this wonderful game throughout France. Our ambition is international and our partnerships have expanded.

The French Bridge Federation (FFB):

Today, the FFB is 1,176 approved clubs that host 100,599 members. Why not you ?

Goto Games

Funbridge and BBO

Do you play bridge but don't know these two nuggets yet? These are the favorite applications of connected bridgers. Funbridge allows you to play against a computer to practice and have fun and BBO is a application that allows you to participate in virtual tournaments. Thoughts and designed by bridge and tech professionals, these are THE platforms to play online. The most: they are the ones who created Gotobridge, the favorite bridger software, reissued every year for adapt to your expectations.

The Figaro

Every day, we provide The Figaro with the deals that feeds their game page. You can find these deals on our website.

And of… you!

Our loyal customers, who support us and with whom we share the same inexhaustible passion… Passionate players, clubs, committees, dealers: thank you to accompany us and share the bridge with as many people as possible.

Other partnerships:

European Bridge League:

The administrators of mind sports in Europe!

World Bridge Federation:

Officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee, the World Federation aims in particular to federate all national federations.