Pack of 5 CUB 01 + CUB02 + CUB03 + CUB04 + CUB05

  • Philippe Cronier
  • Jean Paul Balian
  • Vincent Combeau
  • Michel Bessis
  • Norbert Lébely

Philippe Cronier / Vincent Combeau / Michel Bessis / Norbert Lébely / Jean-Paul Balian

Pack of the five volumes of the notebooks of the University of Bridge (CUB):
CUB # 01: Signage by Philippe Cronier,
CUB # 02: The two colors of the opener by Vincent Combeau,
CUB # 03: Fit sequences by Michel Bessis,
CUB # 04: Norbert Lébely's communications
CUB # 05: Jean-Paul Balian's Les Ouvertures et redemandes à Sans-Atout.

The arrowed games of each volume are also available at a price of 10 € for a set of two games

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Editions: Le Bridgeur in partnership with the FFB.

  • Auteur Jean Paul Balian, Michel Bessis, Norbert Lébely, Philippe Cronier, Vincent Combeau