All beginners have experienced it: learning to play the card in front of dummy is undoubtedly more complex than that of bidding. But progressing on the flank is even more so. Everyone is convinced of it, except ... seasoned players.

Indeed, as soon as the concepts to know are well assimilated, one commits very few errors of defense at the bridge table. These concepts, which are based on the reconstitution of the hidden hands, on the deductions to be made from the start, on the count of the lifting of each camp, on the choice of the strategy to be implemented, on a correct use of the signage ... , you can acquire them in a fun way thanks to the software Step by step in action… In Season 3 (Color Defense) you are offered to play:

‣ 80 "Step by Step" and "Unassisted Play" deals against the programmed software so that the opposing contract wins if you deviate from the winning flank.

‣ 60 exercises with which you will test and deepen your knowledge while having fun.

By training regularly at your own pace, you will understand and record the reasoning and automatisms essential to be a good defender, their acquisition being facilitated by the clarity of the visual and oral explanations.