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Olivier Beauvillain offers you here a summary of weak openings, for all levels, with increasing difficulties, what he calls Turbo 1, then 2 and finally 3. Each is a system in its own right. You can play the version you want, knowing that the Turbo 1 version handles almost 95% of the cases. Go gradually and you will discover the benefits that this new way of bidding can bring you. Number of pages: 79 November 2011
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Foreword Chapter 1: the 2 multicolored Turbo Tiles Chapter 2: the 2 Two-color Hearts Heart + Turbo minor Chapter 3: The 2 Two-color Hearts Heart + other Turbo color Chapter 4: The 2 Two-color Spades Pique + minor Turbo Chapter 5: The 2SA two-color minor Turbo Chapter 6: The 2 Multi Clover: FI-FM Turbo Number of pages: 79 November 2011