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Pack The Auctions at the Bridge the 3 volumes in a Collector's box

  • Philippe Cronier
  • Jean-Christophe Quantin
  • Michel Bessis

This pack contains

1 x Bridge...


1 x Bridge...


1 x SEF-tome 3...


Philippe Cronier / Michel Bessis / Jean-Christophe Quantin

Find the 3 volumes of the best seller LES ENCHERES AU BRIDGE in a COLLECTOR box

How to deepen the understanding of SEF? The bridge auction, written by three of the best specialists in the discipline, offers you the answers to the questions you are asking yourself, really develops all the auction situations in depth and offers you avenues for improvement.

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The first volume devoted to auctions for two constitutes an essential reference work. The second volume, devoted to intervention auctions and their developments, sets up the fundamental concepts of four-way auctions. In the third volume you will find many frequent and important situations,

like all that relates to the various Sputnik counter, the continuation of the auctions when the adversary intervenes by a call against, by 1SA, by a barrage. Very quickly, the series of 3 volumes of bridge auctions will become the vade-mecum that you will not be able to do without. Immerse yourself in moderation in reading. Your pleasure in bridge auctions will be renewed.

Authors: Michel BESSIS - Philippe CRONIER - Jean-Christophe QUANTIN

Preface: Patrick GRENTHE, president of the French bridge federation

LE BRIDGEUR 2016: Tome 1: 264 pages

Editions LE BRIDGEUR 2017: Tome 2: 216 pages E

Editions LE BRIDGEUR 2018: Tome 3: 240 pages

  • Auteur Jean-Christophe Quantin, Michel Bessis, Philippe Cronier
  • Éditeur Le Bridgeur