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Bridge, A Love Story - Zia MAHMOOD


French translation only

Zia, crazy bridge player

Coming from Pakistan to conquer London's free party clubs, Zia Mahmood quickly established herself on the international scene to become an icon of world bridge. Elected Player of the Year five times, winner of the Bermuda Bowl – the Holy Grail – and king of invitational tournaments where his genius finds expression, “Zed” the magnificent, “Zed” the Machiavellian has no equivalent in the history of the bridge.

Who has not heard of his false cards, his surprise counters, his second-degree psychics?

In his latest work, Zia does not stop at technique, he tells us with contagious emotion about half a century of bridge, its evolution, his mad love for this "miraculous" game that even cheating could not affect. and thanks to which he retained eternal youth. A book to consume without any moderation, obviously.

The Bridge, a love story, by Zia Mahmood. Editions Le Bridgeur.

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