The slams

First part: The slams at Sans-Atout at bridge Second part: The color slams Number of pages: 168 Editions Pole March 2011
Bridge slams are at the heart of the concerns of bridgers. Sources of intense satisfaction when we succeed and great frustrations when we forget or fall, they contribute a significant part to the results, whether in regularity tournament or in the final of the French championship. Devoting a book to them was therefore essential. The authors have chosen to tackle the slams at Sans-Atout and to add to them, after updating, the content of one of the first out-of-play series of Play Bridge on the slams to the trump. In this reference book, you will find a multiple approach. - A cultural and magazine reflection that will help to understand the challenges and to reassure oneself: even the greatest champions sometimes find it difficult to overcome the problems. - A more didactic presentation and advice in announcing the slams. - The card game laboratory: remarks on how to play them ... or beat them! - Exercises and tests. Number of pages: 168 Collection: Pole