Bridge for dummies

Demystify the bridge by showing the reader who ignores everything that he can quickly take this first step and "understand how it works". Show those who are already playing at home, with family or friends, and who believe themselves too “zero” to tackle competitive bridge that they can take this second step by giving them some “recipes”. Help those who already play in clubs and do some competition to take it to the next level. Improve their efficiency and performance, with some technical and psychological advice. Bridge for dummies gives the reader the click, and allows him to discover the joys that bridge can bring, without pretending to become a champion ... whatever! Marmion Patrice
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First part: minimal bridge and the card game at Sans-Trump Second part: card game at trump Third part: bid well to win Fourth part: the game in defense Fifth part: become addicted to bridge Sixth part: the part of the ten Number of pages: 400 January 2009 Marmion Patrice