100 traps for a reporter

All the deals of bridge that you will meet have one thing in common: they do not present any big technical difficulty, no squeeze on the horizon or some other sophisticated end point. You will sometimes have the impression that you can solve them easily. Caution. Most of these moves were actually played at the table ... and dropped! Because these problems have another point in common: all contain one or more small traps that may make you regret having played your cards a little too quickly. After reading this book, you will have learned to no longer "stupidly" knock on the table. Labbé Vincent
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I - The bridge card game II - User manual III - The 10 parts 1) Secondary color 2) Theory vs context 3) Various themes 4) Communication and postage 5) Cutting game 6) Strategic maneuvers 7) Assumptions and handling 8) Classic techniques 9) Off the beaten track 10) Revision Editions Le Bridgeur Number of pages: 247 May 2002 Labbé Vincent