Bridge and its funny ladies


Drôles de dames is the first bridge book devoted entirely to the search and capture of the opposing Lady. After a first part devoted to the main handling of color against the Lady (with six cards, eight cards and nine cards), the authors deal with the search for the opposing Lady using forty detailed deals representing most cases and according to the following sequence: analysis of the auctions, the start and the first raises, an advice or principle of optimization and finally the application to the diagram of the four games. The whole is approached in a gallant humorous mode in relation to the subject treated, but very effective on the technical level.

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Elementary handling of color against the Lady 1) With six cards 2) With seven cards 3) With eight cards 4) With nine cards 5) With ten cards Processing 40 deals Number of pages: 100 Editions Le Bridgeur December 2002 Braverman-Mouiel

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