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THE GAME OF THE YEAR 2019 in the EXPERT category: Winner AS D'OR 2019 at the game festival in Cannes .

Detective. A fully immersive modern cooperative and narrative investigation game. A unique experience! You must solve crimes for the national agency Antares within a team of experts. You will be faced with five different cases. Unconnected at first, these cases will reveal a larger intrigue as they are resolved.

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Use all the tools at your disposal to solve these crimes - check the Internet, check the evidence and uncover new clues. Descriptions, interrogations, searches, decisions: each case will keep you going and encourage you to discover the truth. Between fictitious database specific to the game and real information available on the internet, you will be in total immersion: you are not playing the investigator, you are an investigator! 1 to 5 players from 16 years old Duration of the game: 2 3 hours per scenario.
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