Manopoulos walnut-colored backgammon - 24x12cm

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Wooden backgammon set, Manopoulos, handmade in Greece.

Walnut backgammon offers sophisticated elegance. Its playing surface, printed with a remarkably realistic natural finish, reveals a captivating woodgrain pattern full of subtle contrasts.

Compact in size at 20×12 (Extra Small), this backgammon is meticulously handcrafted in Greece, embodying a true gem for game enthusiasts.

Manopoulos, a family-run business, has excelled in chess manufacturing since 1970. Each piece in the collection is handcrafted from the finest woods, exploiting the traditional technique of marquetry inherited from 16th-century Europe. The exceptional quality of their chess collection testifies to the inspiration of talented sculptors and unrivalled expertise in this age-old art.