Backgammon Natural walnut trunk Manopoulos - 48x30 cm

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A unique backgammon, created with distinctive walnut wood, each piece singular. Handcrafted with marquetry expertise for unique interior designs.

The unique design of this backgammon is based on the exceptional chromatic richness and striking patterns of walnut trunk wood, a rare veneer. Each piece is authentically singular, as no two pieces of walnut trunk are alike. Even from the same block of wood, each backgammon reveals a distinct appearance. The game board skilfully blends thermo oak veneer with walnut and oak inlays to create a captivating visual contrast.

Handcrafted using the meticulous art of marquetry, this technique involves the precise application of veneer fragments to form decorative patterns. Our team of skilled craftsmen use this method to design the unique interior of each backgammon, offering an exclusive piece for every passionate enthusiast.

  • Marque
  • Matières Bois