Carcassonne version 2015

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Carcassonne is not only the name of a city in the south of France, it is also a symbol of the heretics' struggle against the oppression of the Church in the Middle Ages. Even today, its ramparts and fortifications continue to impress. Using tiles on which cities, monasteries, roads and fields are located, players enlarge the board turn after turn. The players place their supporters on the various tiles constituting the surroundings of Carcassonne in order to obtain the most victory points possible. Depending on where they are placed, supporters will become knights, monks, thieves or peasants. To win, be fine strategists!
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New cover and new tile visuals. - Tile back unchanged, this new version is compatible with existing extensions. Contains: • 72 tiles from the base game; • 12 tiles from the River extension 1 scoring board; • 40 wooden supporters in 5 colors. 2 to 5 players