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Deadly Defense Hugh Kelsey

  • Hugh Kelsey

Hugh kelsey

All those who decide to invest a little bit in reading Mortal Defense will be rewarded.

Frankly, if you should never read more than one book on the flank game, rush on this one!

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This is not new, and yet the Bridgeur editions had the good idea to publish a translation of Hugh Kelsey's Mortal Defense. Pure logic is there, at every turn, to find the best defense unstoppably. Published in 1966 in England then in 1969 in French by the editions of Bridgeur (already), it has just been translated by Michel Charlemagne and brought up to date for the auctions by Michel Duguet, who have not had the slightest line to be modified with regard to the author's reasoning and ingenious deductions. Frankly, if you must never read more than one book on flank play, rush, you will discover what can bring reflection in the probably most attractive area of bridge. This book is a huge classic of the card game. Like many of his peers, he cannot be tamed without some effort. Editions du BRIDGEUR 232 pages

  • Auteur Hugh Kelsey
  • Thème Jeu de la défense
  • Niveau de jeu 1 - Compétition, 2 - Confirmé, 3 - Perfectionnement
  • Language French
  • Éditeur Le Bridgeur