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French bridge - volume 3

  • FFB
  • Philippe Cronier

Volume 3: Playing the card (improvement)

Far from the catalogs of card game maneuvers, the educational approach adopted in this manual makes it possible to assimilate all the fundamental techniques, from those which seem the most basic like dead ends, to the more elaborate notions of game plans, accumulation of chances and reconstitution of hidden hands.

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Designed and written by the teachers of the University of Bridge, this collection of bridge books brings together all that a bridgeur wants to know, both at auction and at the card game.

Volume 3 covers the second level (improvement) and completes volume 1 dedicated to initiation.

Number of pages: 336

New edition 2013

Author: FFB

  • Auteur FFB, Philippe Cronier
  • Thème Jeu de la carte, Jeu de la défense
  • Niveau de jeu 3 - Perfectionnement
  • Language French