General public Bridge box


The FFB Bridge Box for the general public is a new product designed and produced by the French Bridge Federation (FFB) which allows you to play and learn the first stages of bridge independently, at home, with friends or family. With the FFB Bridge Box, the bridge is accessible to everyone. The principle: a product designed on the model of gift boxes that offer relaxation stays, gastronomy or initiations to sports activities, which have become essential references on the gift market. a turnkey solution to play bridge right away, and make you want to continue in an FFB approved club.

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This set contains: 1 game of bridge to play immediately at home with family or friends. 1 Pass bridge including: 10 introductory courses in a club * 1 FFB license 1 invitation to the French championship of bridge schools 3 months of online play on the site * valid in the network participating clubs