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Pack Volume 1 and Practice - Les Enchères au Bridge collection

  • Michel Bessis
  • Philippe Cronier
  • Jean-Christophe Quantin

Only in french Two complementary volumes to fully understand the French education system.

The French Teaching System (SEF) explained and commented by three bridge specialists. The theme ? Two-person auctions!

How to deepen the understanding of SEF? Bridge Auctions, written by three of the best specialists in the discipline, offers you the answers to the questions you ask yourself. This book develops in depth all the bidding situations that you may encounter during your game and offers you avenues for progression. This volume 1 is devoted in particular to two-person auctions.

What to find in Bridge Auctions Volume 1?

Bridge Bidding is the ideal book to deepen your understanding of the bidding system. The first volume of this collection is devoted to two-person auctions and constitutes an essential reference work for progress in this field. Very quickly, Les Enchères au bridge will become the vade-mecum that you will no longer be able to do without.

Bridge Auctions - The practice: ALL WITHOUT ASSET

The three volumes of Bridge Auctions allow you to fully understand the natural and common sense system advocated by the French Bridge Federation, the SEF, adopted by the vast majority of French players.

To learn and remember, and not just understand, you have to practice. From this observation was born the collection "Bridge Auctions - Practice": a series of exercise books which help you to establish the principles set out in the books in the most fun possible setting. Here is the first “All Without Trump”.

Number of pages Volume 1: 264

Number of pages Practice : 184

  • Brand Le Bridgeur
  • Auteur Jean-Christophe Quantin, Michel Bessis, Philippe Cronier
  • Éditeur Le Bridgeur