Footsteps Volume 6

  • Norbert Lébely
  • Robert Berthe

Robert Berthe / Norbert Lébely

Robert Berthe and Norbert Lébely continue their study of the methods of reconstitution of hidden games, started in volume 5 and insist particularly on deals where it is necessary to integrate information during the game.

A must for anyone who wants to change levels in front of the dead.

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The famous collection of Footsteps is enriched with a new volume.

The new delivery, subtitled "Deepening 2nd part", emphasizes the maneuvers linked to trump play.

Robert Berthe and Norbert Lébely

  • Auteur Norbert Lébely, Robert Berthe
  • Thème Jeu de la carte
  • Niveau de jeu 1 - Compétition, 2 - Confirmé
  • Language French
  • Éditeur Le Bridgeur
  • Format Papier