Petit Bridge manual + 2 arrow games


This pack contains

1 x Manual Petit...


1 x 2 Petit Bridge...


Explore Petit Bridge, a 2 vs. 2 strategic battle summed up in a few captivating words: one player asleep, another awake, both seeking to master the game by playing the most powerful cards to dominate the lifts and outplay the opposing team.

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Discover Petit Bridge's "Les Grands Espoirs" Manual, a unique 2-on-2 experience where the balance between wakefulness and sleep makes all the difference. It's the art of playing the best card to win tricks and surpass the opposing team!

This 88-page guide offers 20 progressive sessions to introduce bridge to the very young. Designed with teachers in mind, it offers a gradual and adapted learning process, accompanied by resources to develop the skills of children aged 6 and over. It's also a fun educational tool for bridge enthusiasts and school teachers.

To optimize the use of the manual, the arrow games n°1 and 2 Petit Bridge are here! They revolutionize the experience by offering a back of cards designed for precise distribution, making the game captivating and interactive.

Bring your family together, launch tournaments and create lasting memories with this ideal activity for introducing bridge to youngsters. The game strengthens family bonds while developing playing skills and strategic thinking.

The Petit Bridge Manual is a teaching tool based on deals specially designed to guarantee a similar experience at all tables, enabling key notions to be worked on in a uniform manner.