Bridgerama September 2017


You may find the question astonishing. Our goal is certainly to distract you but also to help you make progress, but not in any way.
The most studious among you, we know, take notes and eventually adopt the new conventions presented.
For this work to be effective, it should be shared with your partner and that the developments and inferences of these new gadgets be well assimilated.

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We are so convinced that the work is profitable at the bridge that we were ready to guarantee to all those who read us to keep their classification to a minimum. Technical difficulties, which we will resolve, have prevented such a commitment from being put in place now, but we will come back to it in the future.
In the meantime, we wish you a very good bridge season and we are announcing, for the end of the year, a big surprise within the editorial staff of Bridgerama.

Jean-Paul Meyer

  • Annee 2017
  • Mois Septembre
  • Type de magazine Magazine Papier