Bridgerama May 2017


We are going to close this potentially endless subject, hoping to have drawn your attention to these costly and yet easy to avoid mistakes.
The last will be the loss of all lucidity at the sight of the dead. Certainly, your partner should not have bid like this. Surely you are playing an abominable contract. Is this a reason to massacre the card game? Save your resentments for later and do your best with your twenty six cards. The worst is never certain.
This year, during the European Championships, Bénédicte Cronier found himself having to play 3 Sans-Atout which required four or five miracles but also an impeccable game plan when she only had to show her hand to claim 4 Spikes. Calm and clairvoyant, a few minutes later, she found herself at the head of nine
lifted. Take it as an example. On the other hand, we have seen declarers, furious at not having announced the slam, which they judged on the table, drop the sleeve due to a lack of precautions. Don't be like them.

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It is not because a contract is pushed and far too optimistic that it is necessarily dropped. Stay focused, find the winning solution. The placement and sharing of opposing cards is, perhaps, very favorable. It also happens, if you stay calm, that the defense fails. You understand: sowing the storm does not generate any harvest.

Jean-Paul Meyer

  • Annee 2017
  • Mois Mai
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