Le Bridgeur November / December 2016



For many years, we have grown accustomed to saying this phrase: "The federation is rich." This went hand in hand with the media discourse that France was a great world power. Alas, it seems that the two statements are no longer really relevant. Looking at the first debate for the primary of the right and center, I was struck by the similarity between the two situations and the resemblance between these two entities eager to regain their past greatness.
The problems are almost the same. What about solutions? Let us quote some of them in bulk. It is necessary to reduce the expenses of the State.
In what area can the FFB make savings? What budgets must be seriously cut?

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Our businesses are the clubs. They must be helped to maintain, or even increase, the level of their attendance by allowing them to be a place of conviviality and enthusiasm in connection with teachers, journalists, writers and tour operators, whose skills must be used for the good of all.
- Jobs must be created especially for young people.
How should we do to make the clubs attractive to our young people, that is to say the active who cannot, at the present time, find a suitable shoe both at the level of the reception and that of Really inflexible play schedules offered to them?

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