Le Bridgeur May / June 2016


No Trump? No-Trump!

This title does not refer to the campaign for the American elections, although ... but rather alludes to the increasingly relaxed criteria that govern the choice of an opening in Sans-Atout. Geir Helgemo has long been one of the undisputed leaders of this movement.

One of his favorite phrases "Every hand looking as a No-Trump is a No-Trump" alone sums up his general philosophy of bridge. It must be said that he plays the card better than you and me.

Should we refer to it within the framework of our French system? Can we, should we open 1SA with a fifth major or with two doubloons? Will the SEF evolve in this direction? In the very latest book that I had the pleasure of writing with Philippe Cronier and Jean-Christophe Quantin, we are clearly campaigning for this relaxation.

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In the meantime, work on your card game to avoid annoying your partner who will see you open more and more often from 1SA. Your No-Trump would have to make it Hilare (very bad pun, I admit).

  • Annee 2016
  • Mois Mai
  • Type de magazine Magazine Papier