Emmanuel LAZARD and Marc TASTET Othello is a strategy game of rare finesse, particularly easy to learn, with its clear rules and its 64 double-sided black and white pawns. The principle is simple: one or more pawns are captured and turned over when they are caught between two pawns of another color. So, unique parts with startling twists can develop. At Othello, the art is to control strong boxes in the corners and block the opponent, which requires a great capacity for anticipation, calculation and imagination and ... strong nerves! This manual is the first initiation book on Othello in a long time. After learning the rules of the game, the player will be able to familiarize themselves with the basic strategies. The motto of Othello being "easy to learn, difficult to master", this manual will be very useful for all those who want to discover this puzzle game.
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BORNEMANN editions 62 pages
  • Numéro numéro 39