• Michel Lebel

Michel LEBEL

The essential plate for every bridger!

Bridge in 5 minutes, such is the bet of the new Michel LEBEL brochures. Their aim is to encourage all those who are afraid of going to bridge to take the plunge. These brochures are intended for all those who think: "Bridge is too difficult for me". The first plate - 5 minutes to play - will trigger a click. Then, some very simple notions on auctions and the card game will allow them to "convert" to our common passion which brings us so much. And why not use them for your grandchildren? It is a very practical tool to introduce them to bridge. for BEGINNERS

  • Auteur Michel Lebel
  • Thème Enchères à 2, Enchères à 4
  • Niveau de jeu 4 - Débutant
  • Langue Français
  • Éditeur Le Bridgeur