Power Bridge 2

  • Thierry Rouffet
  • Philippe Soulet

With as many auction tests as in volume 1 and 7 new card game themes, this bridge software by Philippe Soulet and Thierry Rouffet is aimed at all bridgeurs, from beginners to competitive players.

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Three levels of bridge allow to study in depth the different themes. A channel layout is available as well as a fold-by-fold video of the solution.

The 7 themes of the card game:

  • Postage by cutting
  • Short hand cut
  • The dangerous opponent
  • Reconstruction of hidden hands
  • Blockages and communications
  • Losers Discard
  • Elimination games

1,600 tests allow your bridge to rest on solid foundations, you will find all the bases of the fifth major there.

The software works under Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and 8.

Pierre Saporta and Thierry Rouffet

  • Auteur Philippe Soulet, Thierry Rouffet
  • Thème Jeu de la carte, Jeu de la défense
  • Niveau de jeu 1 - Compétition, 2 - Confirmé, 3 - Perfectionnement, 4 - Débutant
  • Langue Français
  • Éditeur Le Bridgeur