Bridgematic II


Bridgematic II is a leveling bridge software, that is to say for all players who have already acquired the basics. Designed by Yves Tensorer, it notably contains 200 deals dealing with auctions and the card game in attack and defense.

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The auctions consist of 9 chapters:

• the openings,

• the first answer,

• the request of the opener,

• the second answer,

• Stayman and Texas,

• 2-step openings (2 strong and 2 weak major),

• intervention auctions, • auction development,

• four-way auction.

An explanation is available on the complete auction sequence, the playing of the card is free, easy and fast, with explanatory help on request. The software indicates at the end the maximum number of liftings achievable.

The software works under Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and 8

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