Bridgerama March 2017



Because of a denunciation by number, we are going to warn you of small faults which have nothing to do with your technique, your knowledge or your talent but which cost you dearly at the end of the year. First example, you are declaring, the dead man is spread out and you discover horrified that you play the bad contract. The responsibility lies, obviously, with your partner: he was wrong in his answer to the Blackwood, he made a reverse without sufficient resources. Tip # 1: don't show your disappointment, it wouldn't be the first slam won with two Aces "out"! Tip n ° 2: reserve your comments for the end of the deal or better, for the end of the tournament.

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It is not because a contract is pushed and far too optimistic that it is necessarily dropped. Stay focused, find the winning solution. The placement and sharing of opposing cards is, perhaps, very favorable. It also happens, if you stay calm, that the defense fails. You understand: sowing the storm does not generate any harvest.

Jean-Paul Meyer

  • Annee 2017
  • Mois Mars
  • Type de magazine Magazine Papier