Bridgerama February 2017



The books, or the articles, detail you how to bid well, to start well, to have a clear signaling or to handle the assets at best. All this is very useful, but I will add a piece of advice that you will not find in the literature. It is an essential ingredient to obtain good results in competition. Your time for reflection must not convey information which will benefit the adversary.

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This is true for the declarer, who is frequently advised to make a game plan before playing the first card from the dead man, even if she was a singleton. This is even more essential for the flanks which must have been prepared before the critical moment. The clearest example: to provide or not the Ace, while the dead has a length ordered by King-Jack. If you wait until the situation arises to seek the answer, your Ace is exposed. On the flank, it is bad to daydream until you have a card to supply. Build your strategy as soon as possible.

Jean-Paul Meyer

  • Annee 2017
  • Mois Février
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