Bridgerama January 2017


READ, GET INFORMED, PROGRESS Bridgerama's constancy in maintaining a loyal readership rejoices us in a period when the press, all genres combined, suffers from a clear disaffection. However, we have a concern, we deplore a lack of communication with our subscribers. You rarely tell us what you expect from us, more bids, more card play or more information, and a higher or lower level. Despite forty years of existence, we are groping, hoping to satisfy you.

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The big question, which it seems childish, from our experience, to have to raise, is: what do you privilege, distract yourself, progress or inform yourself?
We only ask to follow you, knowing full well that there will not be unanimity in these choices.We love all our readers and that is why we wish you a happy new year 2017, whatever your preferences .

Jean-Paul Meyer

  • Annee 2017
  • Mois Janvier
  • Type de magazine Magazine Papier