Bridgerama December 2016



And if we abandon the tongue of wood to express what many think. To my right, the federation whose role and objective is to develop bridge and increase its membership.
On my left, the members regularly frequenting their club and satisfied with their environment. To arbitrate, at the center, the young generations, little attracted by the traditional atmosphere of the clubs and, moreover, not always the best welcomed.

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We tried with the “Quai des jeunes bridgeurs” to create structures suitable for 17-25 year olds. The experience has often come to an end because the original managers, taking a few years themselves, have often moved on.

No solution? Not sure. Online bridge, whether on BBO or Funbridge, is undoubtedly a way to get your foot in the door and infuse the bridge virus into those for whom “normal” structures are not suitable.

Jean-Paul Meyer

  • Annee 2016
  • Mois Décembre
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