Bridgerama October 2016



This title is only a misleading catchphrase: there is obviously no magic potion ensuring success in bridge. However, if it existed, it is
surely an ingredient that would be excluded and another, just as formally, to be included. Many of you love new conventions or gadgets. Distrust, however, if you do not understand how it works or how it develops. We witnessed, recently, and it was during the world championships, many pataquès due to the Blackwood of exclusion (*), an example of element to avoid in the magic potion.

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A commentator confided to me: "I don't know any pairs who have practiced it without accident."
On the other hand, an element to use without moderation and which one does not find in the books is the concentration. Always keep it in mind, not only at the start of the tournament but think about it two or three times during the session. You will see, it is truly magic.

Jean-Paul Meyer

  • Annee 2016
  • Mois Octobre
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