Le Bridgeur January / February 2016


Friend bridgeur,
I got caught in the game of the Bridgeur, almost twenty years ago. It was for me a surprising adventure but a very understandable choice. Small independent company whose activity was concentrated in a very specialized “niche”, Le Bridgeur offered multiple facets:
A press company with, as you know, two monthly magazines: Le Bridgeur and Bridgerama.
At the time, Le Bridgeur was the official magazine of the French bridge federation, its chief editor was provided by Jean-Paul Meyer.
A book publishing company, mainly of bridge. A legendary shop (rue de Richelieu), which sold tables, card games and so many other products related to bridge and games in general.

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You will continue to find all the headings you like. However, economics requires, with the help of a very mobilized editorial committee, with the support of
FFB and under the talented leadership of Karine Meyer-Naudan, we have decided to offer you six double issues per year, presented in a new model, more modern and attractive. The main features will be:
96 pages (instead of 64), which will review your bedside book for two months. For each issue, four parts will be clearly identified:
- News and information, which we have chosen to develop already for a few months.
- Reports, which will offer a focus on the main national and international events, as well as files on subjects that affect you all.
- Learn, with the help of our best teachers.
- Play interactively because we understand that evaluating and testing you is one of your major concerns.

  • Annee 2016
  • Mois Janvier
  • Type de magazine Magazine Papier