Le Bridgeur October 2015


The big laundry

In his latest editorial, Jean-Christophe Quantin told you about the investigation concerning the Israeli pair Fisher - Schwartz, the results of which have been breathtaking for years. Things have changed a lot since then. This investigation led not only to the Bermuda Bowl absence of the Israel team but also to that of Fantoni - Nunes (and the Monaco team) and Piekarek - Smirnov (Germany team). For their part, the Poles Balicki - Zmudzinski have had their invitation to participate in the event withdrawn by the world federation. This cataclysm leads us to ask several questions:

Is high-level bridge rotten?

When asked about this at the start of the Fisher - Schwartz case, Jeff Meckstroth, whose opinion is certainly authorized, said that in his opinion there were no more than five dishonest "top pairs" in the world.

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How can we prevent this from happening again? In this whole affair, it was the players who discovered everything and demonstrated everything. At the initiative of Boye Brogeland (known as "the sheriff"), a team of researchers spent days and nights analyzing videos trying to cross-check their information. It is they, all high level bridgers, who have reached conclusions that seem unstoppable. It seems clear that no one better than the players can detect bizarre behavior and decisions.

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