Le Bridgeur July 2015


Angel or demon ?
In terms of the press, we call it a horse chestnut, by that we mean a compulsory subject to be dealt with once a year, such as real estate, taxes or even vouchers and
bad hospitals and high schools.

There is one in our field: is playing on the internet good or bad? For the proponents of this last option, BBO is responsible for all ills: it empties
clubs through some sort of unfair competition, offering tournaments 24/7. Much worse, it is a den of cheaters.
On the other side of the ring, lovers of this site, developed by Fred Gitelman and owned today by Bill Gates, to which they attribute all the virtues: it is free, it
reduces distances between partners, allows contact with many friendly players and promotes training and fine-tuning before important

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The FFB seems to have understood this by using this tool for training on Thursday evening, intended for candidates for the France team.
The American Federation goes further by organizing approved tournaments (with a few classification points) all day long. Certainly, the ACBL does not disdain the induced financial returns, but it understands that it was a way of setting foot in the stirrup of new players little tempted, at first, to push the door of a club.
With a first online competition, the women's festival, the world federation is also concerned, while waiting to concretize other more ambitious projects.

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