Le Bridgeur April 2015


A start but a new boom

I know how much you appreciate Philippe Cronier. He was editor-in-chief of Bridgeur since December 2008. The French bridge federation has just offered him the difficult, but exciting, job of national technical director.
This function is a powerful magnet for a top player who has always been attracted to the training of young talents.
Philippe therefore consents to significant sacrifices; he draws a line under his ambitions in the National Selection and leaves Le Bridgeur with as much regret as ours when he sees him leaving.

Leaving, in fact the term is not exact since he remains director of the Bridgeur editions and fits into the new structure that I am happy to reveal to you.
The review, the reviews with Bridgerama, will be managed by a talented editorial committee whose composition you will find on page 6.
The experience of its members in the bridge press and education is impressive.
All this for what to do, you will ask me? I saw during the first meetings that their ambitions were big and well determined.

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Three editorialists, Michel Bessis, Jean-Paul Meyer and Jean-Christophe Quantin, will follow each other month by month to bring a variety of tones
and points of view.
The new structure wants above all a more lively periodical with debates where the opinions of champions will, as always, be collected with great interest but not only: the floor will be given to leaders of all levels, as well as more modest players.

  • Annee 2015
  • Mois Avril
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