The Adventurers of Rail version London. Family strategy and placement game. New box, new decor, new era, happy family! Welcome to London, the world music and fashion capital of the 1970s. Travel the city's historic streets aboard its famous double-decker buses, savor the view of Buckingham Palace, visit the British Museum or listen to the Big Ben chime on the banks of the Thames…

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In this compact and fast version of Rail Adventurers, players compete for control of London Bus lines in order to complete their Destination cards and connect the various Districts of the British capital. Les Aventuriers du Rail is a simple and elegant game system that appeals to both beginners and experienced players. The board is a bit more airy and the new bonus will make you hesitate between taking Destination cards or expanding your network. 2 to 4 players from 8 years old Duration of the game: 15 Minutes Contains: 1 London transport network board 68 Plastic bus (17 per color) 44 transport cards 20 destination cards 4 score markers 1 score sheet

  • Language French
  • Catégorie de jeu Stratégie
  • Âge 2 à 4 joueurs
  • Public + 8 ans
  • Durée de la partie Court (15 à 20 min.)
  • Type Jeu de base