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Time Bomb. Little strategy game. Recruit a team of heroes! Big Ben overlooks the charming city of London as it hides, under its regular ticking, the sound of the bomb posed by Moriarty. That's when Sherlock rushes to the big tower to try to defuse it! Will you help Sherlock defuse the bomb and save Big Ben? Or will you rather assist Moriarty in his Machiavellian plan?

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Go for a game to find out! Time Bomb is a fast and fun bluff and deduction game where you feel the tension build up throughout the game. Principle of the game: Moriarty has placed a bomb in the heart of Big Ben which he wants to detonate, while Sherlock rushes to defuse it. At the start of the game, you secretly find out which team, Sherlock or Moriarty, you belong to, and try to identify your partners without being exposed by your opponents. Alternately, choose a cable to cut from another player to, according to your team, try to defuse or detonate the bomb. Sherlock's team wins the game if they manage to defuse the bomb, while Moriarty's team wins the game if they manage to detonate the bomb which will destroy Big Ben. 4 to 8 players from 8 years Duration the game: 15 Minutes

  • Âge 5 joueurs et +
  • Public Famille
  • Durée de la partie Court (15 à 20 min.)