Unlock! Heroic Adventures (Game 5)


Unlock! Heroic Adventures, the fifth installment in the Unlock! Range, the cooperative card game inspired by escape rooms, awarded the Ace of Gold at the 2017 game festival in Cannes, returns with 3 new exciting new adventures. In this new section you must solve each adventure in less than an hour. This Unlock is new with the universe of Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes and classic video games. Your adventure begins in a room. Search it to find items! Please note: some may be hidden!

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You can combine objects to get results. Unlock adventures! contains three adventures. Unlock! Héroic Adventures is an independent company. Solve the puzzles and unlock the secrets of these 3 new tests! The free Unlock! App, compatible with Android and iOS phones and tablets, is required to play. It makes it possible to obtain clues, to locate hidden objects, but also to enter the codes discovered. It also contributes to the atmosphere with its music dedicated to each adventure, its audio puzzles, its terrible penalties and its fatal countdown! In order to fully understand the rules, the box contains a dozen cards serving as a tutorial. Age: from 10 years Number of players: 2-6 Duration of the game: 1h Contains: 1 rulebook, 180 cards (60 + 60 + 60), a tutorial of 10 cards, a notebook and a sheet

  • Numéro numéro 38