Rail Adventurers - New York


Welcome to New York in the sixties! Admire the view from the Empire State Building, stroll through Central Park or shop between Times square and Brooklyn .... In this compact and fast version of Rail Adventurers, players have to fight their way this time - by taxi, through New York to visit the most prestigious tourist attractions and to complete their destination maps.

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With its fast pace and small format, Les Aventuriers du Rail - New York promises to please both beginners and experienced players. Learn the rules in 3 minutes, play them for hours! Complete and independent game which contains: 1 tray 60 plastic taxis 44 transport cards 18 destination cards 1 rule sheet 1 score book 1 pencil For 2 to 4 players Duration of the game: 15 minutes

  • Catégorie de jeu Stratégie
  • Âge Jusqu'à 4
  • Public Famille
  • Durée de la partie Court (15 à 20 min.)