The Island: will you manage to reach the mainland with your loot? The Island is a great classic of the adventure game that has been reissued several times, and here is the latest version. You play as an explorer about to leave an island lost in the middle of the ocean after finding gold and treasures. Only this island… ironically, is slowly sinking! Do not panic and try to return to the mainland healthy, safe and preferably rich.
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The crossing will be by boat for some lucky ones, swimming for others ... And remember that: the sharks and other sea monsters that swarm in the region will be nothing next to the low blows of your opponents! • Equipment: 1 Game board. 1 Turnstile. 48 wooden island pawns (12 of each color). 12 Plastic sailboats. 18 plastic marine animals (6 Dolphins. 6 Sharks. 6 Octopuses. 6 Monsters). 37 plastic elements used to build the island (7 mountains. 12 hills. 18 beaches) • Age: 8+ • Number of players: 2 - 4 • Duration of the game: 45 min