AS D'OR 2017 at the Cannes Unlock game festival! is a cooperative card game inspired by escape rooms. Escape rooms are rooms from which you must escape in less than 60 minutes. Unlock! makes you live these experiences at home, around a table.

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After learning the context of the scenario, you begin your adventure in a room (a place card that indicates various numbers). You will have to search it to find objects that can help you! Visual or audio puzzles slow your progress ... it's up to you to work with your partners to evolve and finish the game on time! The free Unlock! App, compatible with Android and iOS phones and tablets, is required to play. It makes it possible to obtain clues, to locate hidden objects, but also to enter the codes discovered. It also contributes to the atmosphere with its music dedicated to each adventure, its audio puzzles, its terrible penalties and its fatal countdown! The Unlock box! contains three adventures: The Formula: Enter a secret laboratory to recover a mysterious serum decorated by a scientist. Squeek & Sausage: Thwart the infamous Professor Noside's plans in this cardboard adventure. Doctor Goorse's Island: Visit the island of an eccentric billionaire antique collector and triumph over his traps. Contents: 1 rulebook 1 tutorial of 10 cards (allows you to learn the rules without having to read them) The Formula (60 cards) Squeek & Sausage (60 cards) Doctor Goorse's island (60 cards) Age: to from 10 years old Number of players: 2-6 Duration of the game: 1-2h

  • Catégorie de jeu Stratégie
  • Âge 5 joueurs et +
  • Public Famille
  • Durée de la partie Long (+1heure)