The first adult game designed by teenagers and produced by children. Because you can never laugh enough, because you have the right to laugh at EVERYTHING, the BLANC MANGER COCO game was created to animate your moments of relaxation with friends or family. One player reads a question card, a blank sentence, and the others complete, face down, an answer card. The player who has read the question chooses the answer he prefers and thus designates the winner of the round.

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All the magic of the game lies in the gap between questions and answers. You will see for yourself .... Laughter guaranteed !!! 600 cards (134 question cards and 466 answer cards) From 16 years old 3 to 10 players 30 to 45 minutes

  • Catégorie de jeu Ambiance
  • Âge 5 joueurs et +
  • Public Adulte (16 ans et +)
  • Durée de la partie Moyen (20 min. à 1h)