Chinese Ladies

François PINGAUD Despite their name, the Chinese Ladies are probably not from the Far East. On the other hand, they constitute a variant of the Halma, a game created in England at the end of the 19th century. In a century of existence, Chinese Checkers have become one of the best-selling and most played pawn games, perhaps because they are easy to access, elegant but also very subtle. Probably also because they are played by two, three and up to six players, which is very rare in pure thinking games. If the Chinese Ladies are not Chinese, they are not "Ladies"! Indeed, there is neither capture nor direct confrontation in this game: it is a racing game, where you have to make your pawns cross the board, without taking. The absence of grip and the inevitable cooperation between the players constitute precisely one of the amenities of the game. This book explains the classic rule of Chinese Checkers but also gives that of the "Great leap", a variant introduced in recent years which brings a new dimension to the game and makes it even faster, dynamic and attractive.
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BORNEMANN editions 70 pages
  • Numéro numéro 39