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Become a king of illusion. To pronounce a thunderous “abracadabraaaaa” by carrying out a large reel of the arm, the pointed finger, to make disappear its noisy neighbor, its mother-in-law or the youngest: who has never dreamed of it? But that's not what Magic for Dummies offers you, sorry! In this book, in reality, all the tricks are within your reach and require little or no special equipment: you will learn to dazzle your audience with sleight of hand, manipulation and a little sales pitch. With a little practice, it will seem as simple as child's play! . ... by learning the art of conjuring! Impromptu magic? to be carried out everywhere with everyday objects, card tricks or salon magic, you will discover here the tips and tricks that will turn you into the king of illusion. The "part of the Ten" will reveal to you, among other things, the Ten basic rules of the magician and the Ten things to say when you are trapped on stage, and will present you Ten great moments in the history of magic and Ten of the greatest French magicians .
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A member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, David Pogue has performed magic tricks on stage, on television and even on the radio for twenty-five years. A talented provider specializing in cartomagie and close-up, Bernard Bilis began his career by attending the shows of the great Gérard Majax. Recognized worldwide today, he has participated for several years now in the World's Largest Cabaret on France 2 (with Patrick Sébastien) while continuing his shows. Collection: Pour les Nuls Loisirs 340 pages Paper size 190x130 cm